Nobo Auto is located in the core area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle. We have 2 R&D centers, which specialize in researching and developing interior and exterior products, seats and rubber related products. In addition, we have 4 manufacturing bases distributed in Tianjin, Baoding, Xushui and Yongchuan (plants in Zhangjiagang, Rizhao, Taizhou and Pinghu are in the progress of planning).

Nobo Auto  have 7 manufacturing plants, which now can provide 1500000 sets of seats, interiors and exteriors and 16000000 rubber related products, and can provide 500000 sets of  roof racks.

Nobo Auto support contributions to society and are committed to being active in social welfare activities to fulfill our social responsibilities, regularly visiting nursing home and providing subsidies to families in need. Meanwhile, various cultural activities are held, such as staff sports meeting, outdoor walking and clubs, aiming to create an inspiring workplace atmosphere.

Introduction of Internship Project

Nobo Automotive is a Tier-1 supplier of automotive seating, interior and exterior, ranked 19thin China, headquartered in Baoding, Hebei Province, China near Beijing.

We are looking for students who can work in Baoding or Shanghai on a number of innovation projects.We will provide living places and monthly stipends.

•Project topics:

1.Intelligent cockpit

2.Intelligent automotive seats

3.Seating craftsmanship

4.Lightweight seating and interior

Project Description -Intelligent cockpit

•This project develops the most advanced cockpit domain control system.

•Participants will support to design part of the software or hardware.

•Knowledge of software programming or electronics hardware may be required.

Project Description-Intelligent automotive seats

•This project develops the automatically adjusted seats for comfort.

•Participants will support to design part of the hardware or close loop control system.

•Knowledge of sensors, valves, software programming or other electronics hardware may be required.

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Address: No.2288 Chaoyang South Street, Baoding, Hebei Province, China.